Top benefits of hiring our truck and vehicle services

Blue Pearls offers Vehicle hire services for both Town and Upcountry in the following categories;

  • Self drive
  • Dry lease with the driver
  • Wet lease with the driver

**All our vehicles have clean interior and air conditioners as the minimum specification.

We also offer high specification vehicles such as;

  • Power windows
  • Air bags and ABS
  • Sun roof

We offer the following vehicles;

  • 4 Wheel Drive


Serial No.

Seating capacity



1 5 Seater Double cabin, Isuzu,Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford Less than 10 years
2 5-7 Seater Land cruiser Prado, Land cruiser VX, Cygnus, Mistibushi Pajero, Mistibshi Sports, Pajero Sports, Noah Less than 10 years
3 7-14 Seater Toyota Hiace
4 21-28 Seater Toyota Costa, Mistibushi Rosa
2 Wheel Drive
1 5 Seater Sedan Less than 15 years
2 5-7 Seater Toyota Noah, Ipsum Less than 15 years

**All rates are subject to negotiation and are available on request.


All equipment are installed and securely fixed

Our Fleet.

We have the following;

  • Two units of fully enclosed truck of payload 3 to 6 ton.
  • One unit of high sided truck with tarpaulin body of payload of 8 to 15 ton payload.
  • One unit of high sided truck with tarpaulin body of payload 6 to 9 ton payload.
  • Fleet of double cabin pickups of one ton payload for hire.

Our fleet is in good working conditions with millage less than 100,000 Km and manufactured within 3 years. They are suitable for the transportation of light and fragile to heavy and bulky cargo in a timely and effective manner anywhere, anytime around Uganda and East Africa at large. Our main emphasis is transport and deliveries (pick and drop type).The delivery trucks are driven by competent drivers alongside a committed trust worthy delivery supervisor.

All trucks have been fitted with In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) or Vehicle Data Recorder (VDR). This ensures the safety of the drivers in order to provide safe and timely delivery of the given cargo as well as offer real time updates to the customer.

Safety is a prerequisite to us that is why our trucks have anti roll cage; fire extinguishers, First Aid Kit, speed governor, In Vehicle Monitoring System, and we have two drivers per truck. The trucks are comprehensively insured.

Our values

We share the following values;

  • Time keeping is our priority and is the reason why we exist. We keep timely deliveries to its destination to the satisfaction of our customers.
  • We are honest to our customers.
  • We believe in team work.

Employees and staff

We have a team of committed hardworking staff to whom the priority of the customer’s interest is emphasized as we strive to build a reputation as the best service deliverers in the transport and delivery sector in the East African region.

We offer transport solution from all dry cargo from upto 15 ton payload.
We look forward to establish a relation with your company and offer secure transport and deliveries solutions .

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