With the Experience we have acquired, Blue Pearls Co.ltd has understood the needs, expectations and demands of its Clients. Therefore we undertake to provide the best services by being efficient, pro-efficient and reliable using Trucks/Vehicles that are in very good condition and are all capable of handling the goods and passengers enforced together with competitive and generous rates.
We have up to date Telecommunications systems installed in all our vehicles as well as trained staff who are dedicated and proper in handling said systems, we have the experience in handling all the necessary documentation to ensure that the clients’ cargo arrives safely and in time our vast understanding and knowledge in relation to infrastructure gives us an edge over our competitors there by putting us centrally in a better position to advise our clients accordingly core services norms to be undertaken;-

• Safety equipment for example; first aid kits fire extinguishers ,all air bags are intact
• Fuel monitoring systems
• Vehicle speed monitors
• Vehicle destination in real time.


Logistics Management

I. Management of all your transport needs to your destinations of choice
II. Obtaining warehousing space at competitive rates and terms.
III. Project cargo handling services .providing reports on your logistics.
Support Services

I. We offer credit payments services all the way through to 30days as we shall agree
II. Giving advice to our clients about their cargo, routes and other requirements as per the transportation of their cargo.
Advice on appropriate Logistics

I. Transportation modes
II. Packaging dependent on the Nature of the Cargo.
III. Advice on competitive rates for various related services.
IV. System in use
V. Proper vehicle Maintenance
VI. Passenger care
VII. Proper Driver/turn-man Hygiene and Behaviour