Project Approach Consideartions

Details Of The Suggested Management Approach To The Project

  1. Organization/Company shall request for the Truck/Vehicle hire by communicating to the Managing Director/ Marketing and Relationships Manager or the
  2. The Logistics Manager upon receiving instructions from Organization/Company informs the CEO,Operations Manager,Relationships Manger, Business Development Manager or having sent an Email (LPO) or call-off order At which point Vehicles/ Trucks will be assigned and dispatched to perform the necessary the Necessary Service
  3. The trucks/vehicles are dispatched on call order or on receipt of LPO from organization.
  4. Operations shall ensure that the vehicles/ Trucks that are dispatched meet the set requirements of Organization/Company.
  5. The vehicles/Trucks shall be dispatched within one hour and are expected to reach the prescribed Organizational/Company destination within 24 hours
  6. In any cases of Breakdowns, a replacement Vehicle/Truck shall be sent immediately with support staff.(Drivers/Mechanics/Turn men)
  7. Will ensure the movement of vehicles/Trucks from our office to the location of loading or Pick-up as per the request from the Organization.

-Will regularly update the operations Manager and the logistics Staff as well as Relationships Manager about the status of the operations.